“i had acne since 6th grade NOTHING ever worked but this stuff really the truth i love the lip gloss too” 

Dai’Leeya Mennefee

“I loveeeee your gloss!! my lips are super sensitive and this one of the only glosses in months i’ve been able to wear with out having an allergic reaction. i’ll definitely be purchasing more soon”

Makayla Adams

So my skin started acting up really bad about 5 days ago and I really was upset because my skin never break out like this ! But when I got my chemonaee essentials at first I was a little hesitant about getting it because I never use other products on my skin BUT AFTER I GOT THIS OIL I STOPPED USING LOTION ON MY SKIN! SHOP MY FRIEND BRAND! XOXO 

Cameron Holton

i love all the products and i definitely see a difference in my skin keep up the good work 💋



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